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ANDEANBIKE, is an organization that provide tourism services such as climbing, mountain biking, hiking, boating, and more. Expeditions conducted as, Mountain Biking- MTBcircuit huascaran, Alpamayo expedition, Huascaran expedition and Expedition Cordillera Huayhuash.


You´ve heard about Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca from other travelers on the road and you´ve decided it´s worth checking out. A grueling bus ride from the coast takes you over the 4080m Conococha pass before dumping you, slightly breathless, a thousand meters lower in Huaraz. The first impression is good - a horizon filled with massive snowcapped mountains - but take it easy for the first day. Grab a hotel room and relax as you get used to the altitude here.

Wheter you are hoping toscale ahard-core peak or planning on spending every night in a comfortable hotel bed, there´s plenty of ways to enjoy where you are at. There are plenty of likeminded travelers in town and a good way to decide what to do is to talk to them about what is hot right now. Meet them at the many popular cafes, restaurants and bars all over the town center.

Looking for an easy but spectacular day trip? The most popular, and deservedly so, is a visit to Launas Llanganuco which si rigth below Huascarán, which is not only Peru´s highest peak but also the highest peak anywhere within the tropics. Catch an inexpensive tour from Huaraz, or take a bus to the village of Yungay from where pick-up trucks or minibuses will take you up to the lakes. Don´t forget the s/5 entrance fee - the lakes are within Huascaran National Park. Also is recommended the Rajucolta Lake in the soth east of Huaraz, Llaca Lake, and Wilkacocha Lake in the Cordillera Negra.




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